Discussion Paper | Power and Privilege

29 April 2024

Authored by Hayball

Can a better understanding of pathways to career progression in the architecture industry lead us to a more diverse executive cohort? Greater diversity in the architecture profession would benefit the architecture community, and the communities we design for.

Our Principals, Bianca Hung, Kit Ku and Dave Tordoff lead The Champions of Change Architecture Group’s Power and Privilege Discussion Paper, informed by the results of the 2020 Executive Survey of architects, and Parlour census looks at barriers and enablers in career pathways to form a better understanding of power and privilege dynamics in the practices, systems, and structures of the architecture profession.

The dynamics are complex – an architect could be considered both privileged and marginalised at the same time, and there are many subconscious and invisible forces at play. With a better understanding of the mechanisms of power and privilege, we can and should take action to ensure more equitable access to leadership pathways for all employees. How can we disrupt and reshape barriers in career pathways?

The broader Champions of Change strategy focuses on engaging powerful people to advance women in leadership and achieve inclusive gender equality more broadly within member organisations. At its core, the intent is to create respectful, safe and inclusive cultures of belonging for all.


Power and Privilege Discussion Paper  (2023)

Authors: Bianca Hung, Kit Ku and Dave Tordoff with Champions of Change Coalition