We’re convinced that the best design is the result of exploration, research, different ways of thinking and the open exchange of ideas.

We’re inspired by every project’s unique character and potential to make a civic difference. In the pursuit of exceptional and buildable design solutions, we focus not only on outcomes but also on high- quality professional services. Directors are hands-on across the life of a project and we regularly invite other specialists to work with our own.

The meticulous and holistic framework through which we investigate a brief is much more than a quality process. Harnessing expertise from many fields and disciplines, it involves listening deeply to the needs and ambitions of our clients, the critical exploration of root problems and embracing pragmatic realities to ensure that every outcome is born of the best creative and researched knowledge. Within a culture of enquiry, this process can unearth new terrain; precedents are revisited for their lessons and reinterpreted for renewed usefulness; so that tested conventions might be reaffirmed with greater certainty.

At the heart of everything we do, the exchange of ideas and expertise with our clients and partners is a dedication to design excellence and a spirit of genuine collaboration.