Report | GL[E]AM Review 2022: Play Edition

22 November 2022

Authored by Hayball

This special edition focuses on play, a theme that embraces the aspirations and qualities of GL[E]AM.

Like GL[E]AM, play is a vehicle that can bring joy, build capacity, and draw people together from across a wide range of backgrounds and contexts. In creating memorable and meaningful places that add value to people and their communities, play is foregrounded through our work and our practice. We hope you enjoy this collection of insights into how we can embrace and enable play as we collectively create spaces for living, learning and working.

“Play will be to the 21st Century what work was to the Industrial Age – our dominant way of knowing, doing and creating value.” – Pat Kane, The Play Ethic

GL[E]AM Review 2022

Editorial Team: Dr Fiona Young, Ricky Gagliardi, Mitchell Harris and Natalia Krysiak