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GL[E]AM 2021 Session 4

16 September 2021

Authored by Hayball

Architecture and the Order of the Phoenix: Buildings re-born
Transformation through adaptive reuse

This session opened our eyes to the power of the past in re-imaging our present and future. Spanning from Notre Dame and the Netherlands to the Sirius Building and Sydney, Professors Anthony Burke and Erik Rietveld took us on a journey from Viollet-le-Duc vs Ruskin to Hardcore Heritage. Through inspiring examples in art and architecture, adaptive reuse was reframed from conservation and restoration to imagination and recreation. Bridging conversations from climate to culture, this was a refreshing discourse on the activation of social and cultural practices afforded by heritage. As noted by Burke, “we’re not just restoring buildings but our relation to our community and planet”.

Thanks to our speakers Anthony Burke (University of Technology Sydney) and Erik Rietveld (University of Amsterdam + RAAAF).

Vacancy Studies, by Ronald and Erik Rietveld
Hardcore Heritage: Imagination for Preservation Frontiers in Psychology, by Rietveld, E. & Rietveld, R (2017)
A rich landscape of affordances. Ecological Psychology, by Rietveld, E., and Kiverstein, J (2014).
The Age and SMH, Interview with Anthony Burke about BBC’s TV Series Restoration Australia
Eastside Radio, Interview with Anthony about tall buildings, Chicago, the Sydney skyline and restoration

Enjoy the short video trailer, and if you are interested in this session, you can request a full recording by filling out the submission form below.