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GL[E]AM 2022 Session 4

21 July 2022

Authored by Hayball

Sustainable Ecologies: Interweaving culture and country
Healing through design

When thinking about sustainability we are always told to look forward and to the new. However, the forgotten knowledge and solutions from the past may be exactly what we need to solve modern day problems – looking back to look forward. In this discussion we talked about how being curious, questioning, and listening to both Country and the communities that inhabit it can facilitate the design of culturally interwoven spaces. From using local materials, engaging with local communities and businesses, to theorising a whole new world where waste never existed, a rich discussion was had on how we can best approach culture and Country.

Thanks to Thomas Rivard (Realm), Marni Reti (Kaunitz Young), and Eleanor Peres (Sibling).

On what earth are you thinking? Byera Hadley Travelling Scholarship Report (2020), by Eleanor Peres

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