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GL[E]AM 2021 Session 3

19 August 2021

Authored by Hayball

Live Work Play: Designing for Communities
Strategies to sustain contemporary living

In this GL[E]AM forum, Natalia Krysiak, Louise Crabtree-Hayes and Andy Fergus came together to question what is the Australian dream and how can we achieve it? As our cities grow and increasing numbers of families live in apartments, we need to consider how to achieve better design outcomes for children, families and communities living in urban areas. The discussion ranged from the scale of a single apartment through to the way in which we conceive and design entire buildings and neighbourhoods. Better and more people-centred design requires integrative thinking embracing improved governance and regulatory processes, greater advocacy, and inclusive citizen-led processes.

Thanks to our speakers Natalia Krysiak (Hayball/Cities for Play), Andy Fergus (Urban Designer), A/Prof Louise Crabtree (University of Western Sydney).

Cities for Play, by Natalia Krysiak
Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative
Integrated Urbanism. The Danish Architectural Policy: Integrating environmental, social, culturaland economic aspects to create sustainable, high-quality environments, Byera Hadley Travelling Scholarship report (2013) by Anita Morandini

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