Journal | Learning by Design in Dialogues

08 May 2021

Authored by Hayball

The American Institute of Architects, Committee on Architecture for Education (AIA-CAE) Research Committee and Learning By Design magazine have collaborated in the publication of DIALOGUES, the Intersection of Emerging Research + Design for Learning.

From 2017 to 2021 five (5) DIALOGUES journals were published, each distilled learning space design research written for the practice-based practitioner, school and university build environment champions. DIALOGUES brings forward knowledge from a diverse group of 32 world renown researchers. With these touchstones of understanding we have begun to translate the deeper intersections between environment & learning to nourish and expand conversations around the planning, building, and evaluation of school in the future.

All five DIALOGUES journals have been compiled in a single compendium covering five grand challenges, each with its own complexities and nuances based on the specific angle of research.

  1. The Intersection of Emerging Research + Design for Learning
  2. How Learners Make Meaning of Space through Inhabitation
  3. A Case for Data-Driven Evidence to Elicit Powerful Insight into the Next Generation of School Designs
  4. A look to Regenerating Education: Empowering learners to think with all their senses—to play a role—and to act
  5. Play! Its new role in learning and human development.

Hayball Principal Dr Fiona Young and Associate Natalia Krysiak contributed with their articles which respectively address the enabling of spaces for play and deep learning, and empowering children’s voice in the design of play environments.

DIALOGUES (Fall 2021 Edition)
The Intersection of Emerging Research + Design for Learning

Shifting Perceptions: Enabling the Potential of Innovative Learning Environments
Author: Dr Fiona Young

Reimagining Spaces for Play by Empowering Children’s Voice
Author: Natalia Krysiak