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GL[E]AM 2019 Session 3

19 July 2019

Authored by Hayball

Vertical Schools Exposed
3 professionals x 3 perspectives on Australia’s education system going up

Where do schools sit in the context of the transformation of cities from industrial cities to knowledge-era cities? GL[E]AM Session 3 involves an in-depth discussion around the benefits, opportunities, and limitations of vertical schools from the perspective of the architect and educator. Key themes that emerged on the night were the necessity of progressing verticality in dense urban areas, key considerations and challenges in operating vertical schools, and the importance of an inclusive and collaborative design process.

Thank you to our wonderful speakers Rob Fraser (Formerly SINSW), Richard Leonard (Hayball) and Meredith Ash (Formerly SINSW).

Ao Tawhiti school in Christchurch in 1news
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