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GL[E]AM 2020 Session 4

11 September 2020

Authored by Hayball

Watch and Act: Sustainability Now
How to implement wholistic sustainability in GL[E]AM, buildings and beyond

Environmental sustainability has typically aimed to achieve an impact-neutral offset, but it is increasingly important that we consider regenerative initiatives that give back more than what we take. Our September panel gave their insights on a more holistic approach to social and environmental sustainability within public, cultural, educational, and urban contexts. Considerations for better socially and environmentally sustainable futures discussed include regenerative architecture, carbon-positive thinking, investigating offsite strategies such as the purchase of sustainably generated power, and meaningful, authentic and continual engagement with our First Nations culture in caring for country.

Thank you to our wonderful speakers Paul Stroller (Atelier 10) and Annie Tennant (Lend Lease).

Reconciliation Action Plans
Climate Change Teach-in best practices in the built environment

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