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GL[E]AM 2021 Session 1

18 June 2021

Authored by Hayball

Good Grief…No Brief?! The long and the short of it
Setting up a framework for success

Our first 2021 GL[E]AM session for the year focused on the most critical phase of a project to achieve long-term sustainability and success – briefing. Through this interdisciplinary discussion, it was clear that briefing is more than a set of requirements for a built space. As we increasingly embrace digital environments, and a broader variety of working contexts, briefing needs to be considered as part of an ecosystem which includes both the virtual and the physical. It also needs to embrace ‘software’ considerations such as cultural experience, staff well-being, long term sustainability and change management. Integrative briefing is a dynamic endeavour, continuously iterating and a learning process to align all participants to ensure long term sustainability.

Thanks to speakers Alastair Blyth, Despina Katsikakis, Roy Green and Ross Clendinning for your wonderful insights in launching this year’s GLEAM program.

“Managing the Brief” book on Twitter, LinkedIn, Website
The Architect Says “Why Can’t I?” Frank Gehry BBC Documentary profiling the UTS ChauChak Wing Building

Enjoy the short video trailer, and if you are interested in this session, you can request a full recording by filling out the submission form below.