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GL[E]AM 2022 Session 1

28 April 2022

Authored by Hayball

What do you do with a Bold Idea? Enabling innovation
How to you enable ideas?

Amid recent challenging times such as the global pandemic, political upheaval and increasing evidence of climate change, we desperately need big thinkers and bold ideas. In our first GLEAM session in 2022, we heard from three outstanding people with a record of successfully promoting and implementing bold ideas in their respective fields. We explored what to do with a bold idea, how we can learn from innovation in other sectors to redefine the art of the possible and discussed a case study of how a bold idea can be taken from a brave thought to successful completion.

β€œI enjoyed the way in this event, a somewhat abstract idea, became consolidated over the three presentations. Each providing a separate facet of the idea but together they reinforced each other. I encourage you to maintain this intellectual aspect of your presentations.”

In the spirit of the theme, the event itself was hosted for the first time in a Hybrid format. Livestreamed from both the new Creative Learning Centre in the iconic Sydney Opera House and our Hayball Melbourne studio, speakers and guests attended both physically and online across the globe.

β€œIt was great – even though I was on Zoom, I could feel the excitement from each of the different locations. Well done!”

Thank you to our guests Fiona Winning (Sydney Opera House), Ben Pecotich (Dynamic4) and Jonas Nordquist (The Karolinska Institute) for launching our 2022 GLEAM program with us.

Solve Problems that Matter, Ben Pecotich
Sydney Opera House Centre for Creativity
Cities for People & Life Between Buildings books, by Jan Gehl

Enjoy the short video trailer, and if you are interested in this session, you can request a full recording by filling out the submission form below.