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GL[E]AM 2022 Session 3

16 June 2022

Authored by Hayball

Creativity through Chaos: Designing for messiness
Enabling freedom, play and learning through the built environment

In a society where unlimited knowledge is at our fingertips, we are increasingly recognising the importance of critical thinking and creativity. Play is a wonderful vehicle to develop these skills but often this means getting rid of routine and embracing messiness. In this session, we unpacked play through three vastly different perspectives, from play worker, to educator to a head of museum experience. We saw examples of different play spaces from around the world and learnt about children’s curiosity and how play and chaos is critical to children’s development, equipping them for life in the 21st Century.

“It was my first GLEAM event which I thoroughly enjoyed. Such high quality speakers and interconnections. It was wonderful to stay back for a little while and meet others at the Sydney office. Thank you for recognising the importance of speaking about PLAY, creativity, innovation, risk taking, environments…”

Thanks to Hitoshi Shimamura (Tokyo Play), Kirsty Liljegren (Kirsty Liljegren Consulting) and Janson Hews (Sydney Living Museums) for sharing their inspirational thoughts.

Reggio Emilia Australia Information Exchange
Reggio Children (Italy)
Tokyo Play
Sydney Living Museums 
Cities for Play

Enjoy the short video trailer, and if you are interested in this session, you can request a full recording by filling out the submission form below.