CRT + YRD Nightingale

Nightingale Village is an evolutionary development that will ignite Melbourne’s urban landscape.

CRT+YRD is one of six architect-designed buildings that make up the Nightingale Village precinct in Brunswick, Victoria. CRT+YRD is Hayball’s first building to be constructed under the Nightingale model of design and financing. This page will share the latest news and information about CRT+YRD as it progresses towards completion in 2022 and beyond!


  • CRT+YRD purchaser information session and ballot opens – 20 February 2019
  • Purchaser enquiry period – 21 February – 13 March 2019
  • CRT+YRD ballot closes 6pm – 13 March 2019
  • CRT+YRD ballot drawn and participants notified – 15 March 2019
  • Construction – July 2020 – June 2022
  • Settlement – July 2022

An Identity is Born

After an internal naming competition, Hayball decided to choose a name that simply and succinctly describes its most important feature and the design element that will define it. CRT+YRD is more than a name, it is an ethos and an identity that will support our building and our residents.

Occupant Over Object

Nightingale Village is an evolutionary development that will ignite Melbourne’s urban landscape and showcase the lifestyle and financial advantages of the Nightingale housing model. This important project feeds directly into Hayball’s passion for creating outstanding places and shaping sustainable communities.

Together with six other distinguished architectural practices, Hayball jointly invested to secure the Nightingale Village site in Brunswick and designed one of the seven multi-residential buildings. The Nightingale Housing model advocates sustainable, high-quality, affordable housing. The development is being created through a highly collaborative design process, including regular peer reviews and input from future residents to ensure the best results are achieved for each building, and the precinct as a whole.

Designed from the Inside Out

Hayball has designed CRT+YRD from a human-centric, user-first ethos that celebrates community and provides settings that allow for interaction, prioritising occupants over objects. The courtyard at the heart of the building was the primary catalyst for the design and has also become the characteristic motif for the whole project, providing abundant lighting as well as passive ventilation and surveillance throughout.

By designing from the inside out and keeping the focus squarely on the residents’ experience CRT+YRD ensures that all homes provide opportunities for connection and retreat. Thoughtful landscaping, plants, and shared garden spaces contribute to the oasis of calm at its core and support a healthy vibrant community.

Nightingale Village Architectural Collaborators: Architecture Architecture, Austin Maynard Architects, Breathe Architecture, Clare Cousins Architects, Kennedy Nolan and WOWOWA Architecture

Creating places where people want to live not leave!

What is the Nightingale model?

The Nightingale model is a set of systems and processes for housing provision. The model exists to enable licensed architects to develop Nightingale buildings using the learnings and interrogations of architects who have previously developed Nightingale buildings. Find out more about the Nightingale Model here

Architectural Collaborators
Architecture Architecture
Austin Maynard Architects
Breathe Architecture
Clare Cousins Architects
Kennedy Nolan

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