Article | Planning Learning Spaces: Playing Into Learning Space Design

20 January 2023

Authored by Hayball

Play is often considered the antithesis of work and learning. Yet, shifts in societal and technological contexts have brought into focus new ways of considering education beyond traditional and industrial models of schooling. The need to equip students with skills to navigate the 21st century has influenced broader understandings of learning, beyond surface learning to include deep learning approaches. Innovative learning environments (ILEs) are being designed with the intent to support a wider pedagogical repertoire, with a greater diversity of spatial qualities than traditional classrooms. These spatial qualities, such as larger and more varied spaces than traditional classrooms, diversity in furniture, and connection to the outdoors have been recognised to enhance opportunities for both deep and playful approaches to learning. However, enabling the activation and successful use of ILE affordances requires a shift in perceptions around the value of playful and deep learning, and how space can support this.

Planning Learning Spaces (2023)
Playing Into Learning Space Design

Author: Dr Fiona Young