Article | Reimagining New Learning Environments Through Prototyping 

30 April 2019

Authored by Hayball

Globally, schools are transitioning towards contemporary teaching and learning practices and as such, constructing new environments to support these pedagogies. Traditional design processes and methodologies must evolve to enable the navigation of such complex changes.

In March 2019, Hayball was invited to present and explore this topic further at the 4th International Symposium of Contemporary Education Buildings in Shanghai. This paper continues the dialogue. Through two case studies, this article presents prototyping as a technique for creating sustainable change in both the design of learning environments and teaching practices, the Learning Project at Caulfield Grammar School in Melbourne, Australia, and the Solais Sandpit at Domremy College in Sydney, Australia. Both projects are global exemplars that explore and evaluate two prototyping methodologies, prefabricated modular construction, and refurbishment of an existing space.

Architecture Technique Magazine (May 2019)
Reimagining New Learning Environments Through Prototyping 

Authors: Fiona Young, Kit Ku and Richard Leonard