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GL[E]AM 2019 Session 1

17 May 2019

Authored by Hayball

Intergenerational Learning at the Heart of Culture + Community
Exploring new ways of learning and sharing stories in museums and beyond

Our first GL[E]AM session of the year explores the ideas of intergenerational learning through the perspectives of exhibition design and indigenous engagement. Indigenous cultural narratives and spaces of engagement are discussed in relation to complex or contested terrains. In a similar vein, the facilitation of intergenerational learning is explored through experiences that foster directed and self-directed learning in environments that bring people together to learn.

Thank you to our wonderful speakers Michael Mossman (Jirra-Kungal Studio) and Lily Katakouzinos (Museums of Applied Arts and Sciences).

‘The Power of Objects’, article by Fiona Young in INDESIGN Magazine #77 – The ‘Knowledge Economy’ Issue