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GL[E]AM 2019 Session 4

16 August 2019

Authored by Hayball

From Learning to Earning
Translating school and workplace cultural change through space

Our August session focuses on organisational change and how this relates to the creation of thriving educational spaces and workplaces. Topics range from the democratisation of spaces, to changing the rules around engagement, and the critical balance between affordances and constraints. Finally, the discussion moves to the question of how you manage change to be productive and enjoyable. What is the difference between seismic and incremental change? A common thread involved the importance of involving users in the journey towards change, and the need to consider change in working and learning environments as an evolution rather than a static, one-off, transaction.

“People aren’t inherently resistant to change, what they are resistant to is being changed. And the only way to get them to accept change is to involve them in the process of creating and implementing it.” – Chris Alcock.

Thank you to our wonderful speakers Chris Alcock (Six Ideas) and Stephen Collis (AMICUS).