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GL[E]AM 2020 Session 1

18 June 2020

Authored by Hayball

Progressive Pedagogies: New Learning, New Spaces, New Lens
Progressive education practices from early learning to tertiary

How is contemporary education design driven by pedagogy? The GL[E]AM June session is a dynamic discussion with three progressive educators from early learning right through to higher education. Each shared their insights and experiences in creating learning environments that foster agency and engagement through student-centred learning. A common thread in the conversation is how a deeper appreciation of student learning is at the core of progressive pedagogies. Examples of this include sensory learning, the promotion of freedom and choice, and diverse settings that allow students to work individually, in small groups, as well as in large groups. The session concluded with a discussion around the impact of Covid-19, and how it has shifted the thinking of educators in the long term.

Thank you to our wonderful speakers Bill Conway (Montessori East), Lucy Allen (University of Technology Sydney) and Stephanie McConnell (Lindfield Learning Village).

Lindfield Learning Village website
Silver Lining for Learning, website post by Fiona Young about student voice in the design of learning spaces
Faculty of Transdisciplinary Innovation University of Technology Sydney website

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