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GL[E]AM Quarantine Session 2

06 May 2020

Authored by Hayball

Seeing Sound: Psychoacoustics of Work and Play
Designing through the lens of sound

How can we shape a better world through sound? Should designers challenge the standard criteria and compliance requirements for designing environmental soundscapes? During our second Quarantine instalment, three experts in the field of sound shared thoughtful insights on the experiential and behavioural impacts of sound from workplaces to public spaces. The speakers delved into the art of designing with sound, demonstrating tangible opportunities to enhance the human experience, and how a better understanding of both physiological and psychological responses can offer choice-rich environments that cater to diverse needs.

Thanks to speakers Lauren Clark (Saint-Gobain Ecophon), Tateo Nakajima (Arts, Culture & Entertainment at ARUP) and Mitchell Allen (NSW Acoustics Audio-Visual and Theatre at ARUP).

International Year of Sound
‘Sound Field’ exhibit exploring Dementia by Arup & Bloxas
Ecophon Acoustic Knowledge Bank
Planning for Psychoacoustics, whitepaper by Ecophom
Sensory Intelligence – physiological response to noise and other sensory input
You can never start thinking about sound too early, blogpost on Acoustic Bulletin website by Fiona Young
Solais Sandpit Acoustic Workshop. video and interviews with Hayball and Marshall Day Acoustics

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