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GL[E]AM 2020 Session 2

16 July 2020

Authored by Hayball

Sharing is Caring: Towards Joint Use Development
Mixed use buildings supporting sustainable communities and the benefits of coexisting

We live in ‘the knowledge era’ where living, learning, and working are no longer physically segregated and are increasingly mobile. How can joint use developments support this? Our GL[E]AM panellists, covering the perspective of the educator and the developer, shared their insights on integrated ‘hubs’ being the way of the future, and how buildings can be designed to be shared between multiple parties. The discussion covered ‘cradle to grave’ learning environments, the centralisation of schools as cultural hubs of their communities, and how we can reinvest in more sustainable community ventures.

Thank you to our wonderful speakers Dr. Julia Atkin (Learning by Design) and Howard Smith (Keppel Capital).

Architecture AU article on the Young High School & Hilltops Council Library joint-use initiative
‘Building Connections: Schools as Community Hubs (2018-2021)’ project led by Chief Investigator Dr Ben Cleveland of the Learning Environments Applied Research Network (LEaRN) at the University of Melbourne

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