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GL[E]AM 2021 Session 2

22 July 2021

Authored by Hayball

The Psychology of Space: Mainstreaming the marginal
Designing for Diversity

What does ‘normal’ mean? An incredibly rich discussion took place at this session on themes ranging from gender to disability, aging and inclusion. The need for participatory design was discussed to empower, build capacity and ‘knock assumptions on their head’. Rather than separation, we need to consciously think about communities as places of connection and integration for people of different cultural backgrounds, abilities, genders, and ages. Core to the discussion was the need to think beyond standards and guidelines and recognise the psychological and sociological contexts required to enable meaningful and accessible places of belonging.

Thanks to our wonderful speakers Sheelagh Daniels-Mayes, Gill Matthewson and Jan Golembiewski for this very important discussion.

Parlour website
XYX Lab Website, by Monash University
Hypersext exhibition, by XYX Lab’s recent
Wiradjuri Condobolin Corporation, Condobolin, NSW
The Kuongkurl Katitjin building on the Mount Lawley Campus at ECU
Diversity and Inclusion aren’t what matter: Belonging is what counts, by Anita Sands
Design makes a place a prison ora home. Turning ‘human-centred’ vision for aged care into reality, article by Jan in The Conversation and Architecture AU, March 2021
The Dignity manifesto of Design for People Living with Dementia

Enjoy the short video trailer, and if you are interested in this session, you can request a full recording by filling out the submission form below.