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GL[E]AM Quarantine Session 1

08 April 2020

Authored by Hayball

Learning to Remote Learn & Working Out Remote Working
Discussing the rapid transition to remote learning and working

As the sudden outbreak of Covid took hold in early 2020, our first GLE(A)M Quarantine session was a timely exploration of our rapidly altered working and learning lives. What will the effects of children and parents learning together be? How are online tools changing modes of working and learning in both positive and negative contexts? The panel gave insight into a rich range of topics including the effect of global crisis as a catalyst for change, rapidly developing agile teaching techniques in Hong Kong, the changing view to productivity, and exploring new definitions of community. Linking all the presentations was an acknowledgement that agile and flexible, community focused, processes would become more and more important during Covid, and as its lasting effects continue to impact our future.

Thanks to speakers Prof Stephen Heppell, Alison Quadling (Steelcase), Dr Donna Wheatley (Hayball) and Alison Michaulk (Quiip).

Stephen Heppell’s Website
Brightlingsea Beach School
Not School
Schola Liberum
Tesco School Net 2000 Project
eVIVA Project
Why Work Doesn’t Happen at Work, TED Talk by Jason Fried
Remote: Office Not Required, book by Jason Fried
Century Tech – Intelligent Intervention Tool
Quiip Blog

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