Architect Natalia Krysiak wins the David Lindner Research Prize

05 July 2017

Authored by Hayball

Congratulations to Natalia Krysiak, an architect in our Sydney studio, who was awarded the David Lindner Research Prize by the NSW Chapter of the Australian Institute of Architects at the 2017 NSW Architecture Awards.

Raising the question, “Where do the children play?”, Natalia’s winning research proposal feeds directly into Hayball’s interests in shaping sustainable communities and designing for diversity.

With many streets and public spaces having become inhospitable to kids, Natalia will explore an identified gap between the planning and design of our cities, and those who occupy those spaces (or are being excluded by design). Natalia will specifically investigate the potential for high-density areas to provide environments for increased play and independent mobility of kids.

The David Lindner prize was established to inspire graduates and emerging architects through research to engage in important and challenging design issues involving the public realm. At the end of her six-month research project, Natalia’s findings will be published by the Australian Institute of Architects and feature in a public presentation organised with the Institute’s NSW Chapter.