INDESIGNLIVE, asks, Is Queensland the education design capital of Australia?

28 June 2021

Authored by Hayball

The AIA’s 2021 Queensland Architecture Awards winners demonstrate strong investment and innovation in educational design throughout the state. Our project Indooroopilly State High School Six Full Cohorts (6FC) Building received a Commendation in the Educational Architecture category.

Designed as a ‘community of forward thinkers’, the School’s new 6FC building bookends the campus. The singularity of form, neutral, and an authentic palette is characteristic of the original heritage assets, offering timeless appeal. This welcoming, multi-purpose space is communal, inclusive, equitable and playful. The beauty of preserved gums, natural light, sculpted verandas, and a macro weatherboard façade complement learning spaces that are agile, connected, and efficient. Learning ‘neighbourhoods’ are capable of future change.
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