Social Value Measurement CRT+YRD Pilot Study Wins the SIMNA Awards

01 December 2023

Authored by Hayball

Our Measuring Social Value in Practice – CRT+YRD Pilot Study research has been named the Winner in the Innovation in Social Impact Measurement category at the Social Impact Measurement Network Australia Awards.

We are thrilled that the SIMNA Jury sees the significant potential in our research to influence the broader architectural industry.

This achievement wouldn’t have been possible without generosity of our partner, the Australian Social Value Bank, particularly Min Seto, and the passion and unwavering enthusiasm brought by Eilish Barry from Hayball Sydney studio, who championed this research.

If adopted, the potential impact is huge. Architects could champion design features which generate the greatest social value, or governments could foresee the social value of major developments for communities.” – Eilish Barry.

SIMNA Awards Jury Citation:

“Hayball set out to understand how building design impacts on tenants and users, build industry knowledge, and mobilise others to consider social value in building development. The intersect of social impact measurement and the built environment is an innovative cross over and an interesting study in the dimensions of impact our living environment can have on us.

The findings from the impact measurement and study have been used to make material improvements to building designs, and more broadly to encourage an industry shift toward social impact measurement.

Hayball have also taken an ‘evangelical’ role, promoting the benefits and insights social impact measurement can bring to architectural practice. This has extended as far as publications, sector events and with industry stakeholders, showing a willingness to challenge the status quo. The use of findings to improve building design has both experimental and disruptive elements, giving architects and planners licence to conceive of different ways of building and living. Hayball hasn’t overstated the influence of their findings, but is enthusiastic about the possibilities.”

Congratulations to all the Winners and Finalist of the SIMNA Awards.

Access our Social Value Pilot Study here.

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