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Leading Architects Series Monograph

09 July 2018

Authored by Hayball

We recently received copies of our new practice monograph which showcases projects and learnings from across the past ten years. The breadth, innovation and creativity of our work is celebrated in this book, one of 100 volumes in a series produced to celebrate the world’s leading architects.

The book shines a light on our most interesting recent projects and contemporary design thinking in stunning full-colour photography, with detailed plans and drawings and comprehensive profile descriptions. Introductory essays provide insight into the influences behind the design, and captures our vision for the future of design, emerging trends and influences that shape our work.

Thanks again for your wonderful introduction Justine Clark – much appreciated! Thanks also to Kirsten Trengove for coordination and writing and Stephen Staughton for editorial support, while internally at Hayball, thanks go to Tom Jordan, Ann Lau for their vision and Amy Hayball for graphics curation.

Available to purchase here and at all leading bookstores.