Staff Promotions

06 July 2018

Authored by Hayball

As a practice with a reputation for open exchange, research, and intelligent design, Hayball has remained pragmatic in our approach to growth and expansion. The addition of a senior associate and eight new Associates, announced at our mid-year staff social event is a sign of our considered expansion of the leadership team as well as recognition of the dedication that our staff have shown over the previous year. It also assists in strengthening our leadership team across the three Hayball studios located in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

“We’re delighted to announce the appointment of Paris Murphy to Senior Associate as well as Kerlina Bahari, Erin Collins, Marcus Ieraci, Ian Khoo, Kit Ku, Kok Peng Yip, Heidi Sinclair, and Laura Ulph to the role of Associates. Paris was formerly an Associate and the others were all project architects and team leaders across the Hayball studios. All have been promoted in acknowledgement of their prodigious talents, vision and capabilities, and for their potential to drive the evolution of Hayball into the future.”

Managing Director Tom Jordan said the ability to recognise and nurture future leaders is a key factor in Hayball’s continued success.

“I’m very proud of Hayball’s continual evolution and renewal, energised by supporting staff and moving them into leadership roles — they are all passionate designers whose broader contribution to the practice is their spirit of collaboration and engagement with the business of our clients,” he said.

As a business which has grown exponentially over recent years, having only this week launched our new Sydney studio, Hayball actively safeguards our ongoing viability by ensuring a consistent approach and quality, maintaining a strong practice culture across our extended geographic footprint., and by taking particular care with recruitment – understanding that dedicated people, technology and systems alongside effective communication and transparent processes are essential to the success of a modern and evolving architectural practice.

We also actively work to create a sense of purpose in our team by offering a clear vision and career progression. We generate enthusiasm and commitment through inclusiveness and collaboration, mobilising our diverse team and building trust and respect.