Sustainability Action Plan

28 September 2023

Authored by Hayball

Hayball is committed to sustainable practices, and to an actionable plan for real impact.

Over the last year, we have critically analysed our current practice, run internal workshops with leadership teams to formalise our sustainability vision, and conducted focus groups to gather feedback on improving our sustainable design practices.

The result is Hayball’s first Sustainability Action Plan; a comprehensive roadmap for transforming the firm’s practice structured around three pillars that are deeply important to Hayball: people, climate, and land.

To stimulate action, we have committed ourselves to achieving a series of ambitious goals by 2030. For all new projects we seek to: track social value impact, achieve net zero operational carbon emissions, cut embodied carbon emissions by 40%, and eliminate biodiversity loss.

In addition to our ambitious pledge to the planet and future generations, our SAP contains an analysis of our current practice, practical actions, and the time frames in which we intend to achieve these targets.

We are delighted to share our passion and approach towards regenerative design with the industry. Please contact us if you would like to collaborate or learn more.

Click here to download Hayball’s SAP and visit our Sustainability Page for more information.