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272 Normanby Road South Melbourne, VIC

Taking reference from the historic Dunlop factory that once occupied the site through a signature staggered roofline, the architectural vision bridges the gap between The Canopy’s industrial past and its enduring heritage as a place of nature that once sat between woodlands and wetlands. The architecture’s industrial edge is softened with lush foliage that embraces the development’s overarching biophilic design principles.

As though nature has taken over, a native forest rises from the ground level and up through the central spine of the building to the landscaped podium level. From here, balconies with lush green bowl gardens are positioned to continue this green spine up the building to the exclusive rooftop deck, ensuring the connection between park and building is continued right to its very peak.

A durable and robust material palette of brick, glass, and metal acknowledges the site’s industrial past. It also acts as a framing structure to carry nature upwards along the building, making a statement about sustainability and stamping a sense of place. Variations between an earthy and monochromatic tonal palette differentiate the two towers, with materiality morphing to reflect the diverse uses within.

Even as it rises 20 floors high, the building’s monochromatic colour palette connects harmoniously with nature, and at ground-level commercial spaces, a-grade retail and food and beverage options occupy the street level, ready to draw people within a new, growing community. The vibrancy and human scale of the street level reaches to the Level 4 podium, where the vertical expression shifts to reflect the emerging sense of home.

The interior design scheme also prioritises a connection to nature, and a sense of place that supports well-being and a sanctuary that is home. These elements are brought together through a curated sensory experience; an interplay of daylight, texture and scent. Soft lines, gentle forms, and neutral tones are designed to make residents feel calm and at ease as soon as they walk through the doors. Functional apartment layouts maximise daylight, natural and cross-flow ventilation, and tactility. Generous balconies to every apartment extend the open living areas beyond their boundaries and offer panoramic views of the surrounding greenery.

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