01 / 04

Australian Unity South Melbourne

The refurbishment of the executive level of Australian Unity’s Melbourne headquarters strikes a balance between the past, present and future.

The design delivers a contemporary interpretation of a traditional executive office floor, commensurate with Australian Unity’s corporate standing, identity and aspirations. It maximises the feeling of spaciousness and access to natural light, even in significantly densely built areas of the floor.

A highly restrained colour palette and use of materials instills great strength to the design, and aids in the visual and spatial unification of otherwise disparate departmental areas.

This is a calm and relaxed working environment with an underlying but entirely appropriate level of formality, which, whilst unashamedly contemporary in its design, provides a referential link to Australian Unity’s past and ongoing residence at these premises – significant artworks, artefacts and Australian Unity memorabilia transform foyers and corridors into a series of gallery spaces. The atmosphere also hints at a long-term future without the need for any significant modification.

  • Architecture
  • Interior Design

Australian Unity