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Empire City Perdana, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Covering eight hectares of Perdana, the Empire City masterplan reflects the energy of the thriving Kuala Lumpur metropolis nearby.

Hayball’s concept masterplan for a new city incorporates a mix of residential, commercial, retail and hospitality facilities. Across 15 residential towers, as well as medium-rise accommodation, the residential typologies vary greatly, from studio apartments to luxury residences with plunge pools and private terraces. Punctuating the towers at different levels are exclusive communal facilities such as swimming pools, common areas, restaurants and sky bars to take advantage of the dramatic skyline views.

A street-based shopping mall adjoins the commercial and residential buildings. The retail precinct is distributed over two levels – one a climate-controlled subterranean shopping experience, the other at street level, punctuated by air-conditioned pavilions catering largely to food and beverage outlets. Each of the commercial and residential towers can directly access either level of the mall, with a protected journey in extreme weather conditions and a genuine urban experience during the evening or when the weather is fine.

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