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Hayball Melbourne Studio Melbourne, VIC

Hayball’s Melbourne studio embodies the principles of collaboration, inclusiveness and is future-focused. The agile design presents a variety of work settings to support new and different ways of working, enabling staff to do their best work.

Encompassing 2,000 sqm, staff are spread across two floors and connected by a central staircase. Private and semi-private breakaway spaces line one side of the office and clusters of workspaces are centrally positioned. The kitchen is located on the mezzanine floor and extends out to the balcony. At the opposite end, the library offers respite and a tranquil atmosphere suitable for autonomous tasks.

The entrance is designed to be a communal and social environment, functioning as an event space, auditorium, informal meeting area, and offers co-working options for interstate colleagues, visiting clients and suppliers.

Central to the design development has been the co-creation process with our staff. Guiding the process was a post-occupancy review of our Sydney studio which was designed as a prototype office space specifically to test a variety of working styles, spaces, technologies and conditions.

  • Interior Design
Project Status

Completed 2020