01 / 09

OASIS Residences South Melbourne, VIC

The building occupies an island site. It is conceived of as an oasis; a rocky island rising from a stormy ocean of traffic. This analogy drives the building’s organic footprint and is further expressed in the facade and interior treatments. Externally, the lower or podium levels are wrapped by masonry spandrels shaped by a dynamic wave motif inspired by traditional Japanese fabric prints. Foliage overflows from planter boxes on the open balconies reinforcing the image of plants colonising the crevices of rocky cliffs. Above the podium, the glassy tower is lost in reflections of the clouds and sky.

Internally, the materiality and form reinforce the island concept. Natural stone and timber are used for floors walls and joinery. A fluted motif appearing in walls and joinery panels evokes the tessellated geological formations of cliffs rising from the ocean.

  • Architecture
  • Interior Design
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