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Shirley Street Apartments Byron Bay, NSW

At the gateway to the Byron Bay town centre, 29 Shirley Street offers luxurious apartment living in a lush, landscaped environment. The meticulously planned development, featuring 26 apartments, integrates with its surroundings through three distinct building forms that complement the scale of neighbouring structures. The development’s boundary incorporates a thoughtfully designed landscaped masonry wall with integrated planting to address the challenge posed by its location between a railway corridor and a busy main road. This serves a dual purpose, offering both privacy and an effective noise buffer.

The focal point of the communal outdoor space is a century-old Moreton Bay Fig that lends a sense of heritage and natural grandeur. This space also features a generously proportioned, organic-shaped pool and a covered lounge area. The landscape design will be fine-tuned to utilise plant species native to the local area, and specific microclimatic positions within the site, to create the impression of establishment, timelessness and conservation.

The architectural language of the project embraces a diverse range of elements, including inverted and traditional arches, rounded pools, and curved masonry. Curves are both architectural and functional – thick curved walls reach down to provide seating, and arches provide part shade over pools. A warm palette of materials includes bagged brick masonry walls and timber decking, while colours are kept light to minimise heath gain.

Each of the three-bedroom, three-bathroom apartments is precisely oriented to maximise cross ventilation and privacy for the occupants. Screening elements provide a layer of privacy and allow dappled light to filter through, harnessing refreshing cool sea breezes. All ground floor apartments have courtyards and private pools, while second level apartments have generous balconies and rooftop terraces.

Setting ambitious environmental goals, the development aspires to achieve an 8-star environmental certification. This commitment underscores its dedication to sustainability, aligning with contemporary standards for eco-friendly and energy-efficient living spaces at the heart of the Byron Bay lifestyle.


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