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St Peter’s Performing Arts Centre Clyde North, VIC

The Performing Arts, Food Tech and Sports Centre brings together a range of specialist and whole-of-school functions into one facility for St. Peter’s College at the Clyde North campus. This is the latest project in the staged development of the new secondary school campus by Hayball since completing the masterplan in 2012.

This multi-purpose facility includes learning spaces for performing arts (music, dance and drama), food technology to support the VET curriculum, a 300-seat theatre, canteen, three-court indoor sports hall, storage and change functions.

The design maximises opportunities for multi-purpose and after-hours community use, while enhancing synergies between learning, performance, assemblies, sports and hospitality functions.

The architectural design references the other campus buildings designed by Hayball in scale, form and materials.  At the heart of the complex, the Theatre is conceived as a ‘building within a building’, a finely crafted jewel that architecturally links the primary functions of hospitality and performance with sports and assembly.

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