Larger apartment design in Brisbane

09 August 2016

Authored by Hayball

A larger apartment is an attractive alternative for those wanting to refocus their time away from care and maintenance of a traditional family home, while enjoying the benefits of spacious living.

Hayball’s Brisbane studio director, David Jessup, believes successful larger apartments are those which offer private retreat spaces to complement open plan kitchen, dining and living.

In an interview for Domain Brisbane on buying larger apartments, David advises looking for flexible areas which allow for multiple living spaces, with good access to natural light and air. Those who have downsized can accommodate returning children and their new families to stay for the weekend or enjoy a family meal around a large dining table.

“Look for the qualities normally attributed to living in a house, like good north east orientation of main living spaces and appropriately sized and shaped outdoor terraces and balconies,” he said.

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Pictured: Penthouse apartment, Chester & Ella, Newstead, Brisbane