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Welcome Naomi Stead, architectural research leader

18 September 2017

Authored by Hayball

Hayball is amplifying its research capability by appointing an esteemed architectural academic to drive its research program.

Professor Naomi Stead, recently announced as the head of the Department of Architecture at Monash University, has joined Hayball as our Research Leader.

Design director David Tweedie said the appointment is an exciting one that will allow Hayball to focus its research efforts in a way that aligns with the practice’s business strategy.

“In helping to articulate the kind of research-led methodology in which Hayball intends to be an industry leader, Naomi will guide the development of both the research strategy and human capacity,” he said.

While working in her academic leadership and research role at Monash, Naomi will at the same time be engaged from the other side – looking at practice-led research from within practice itself. Taking the reins of Hayball’s defined research mission, Naomi will be responsible for articulating, then charting, a path towards a distinctive mode of architectural research.

Part of this will involve developing a research strategy – a systematic approach to the particular expertise to be developed, what we seek to discover and how we wish to share our discoveries. Another part will involve amplification of Hayball’s research culture across the national practice, from the ground up as well as from the top down.

“I hope to assist in fostering a culture of curiosity, engagement, and the pursuit of knowledge among staff; valuing and capturing the very fine research (both formal and informal) that is already being done in the practice; and assisting Hayball to engage in original and significant research which contributes to the practice, the profession, and the world,” Professor Stead said.