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Development Potential Masterplan, Broadmeadows Broadmeadows, Melbourne

A masterplan for five development sites within the transit city at Broadmeadows in Melbourne’s north west.

Hayball’s work for the Department of Planning and Community Development sought to identify and imagine ‘development potential’ locations in Broadmeadows, a designated primary activity centre and transit city in the Melbourne 2030 blueprint for sustainable development. Five development sites were determined after extensive stakeholder workshops.

Each site has a distinct program profile with individual urban design qualities. Uses on the sites include medium density residential, office, retail and community amenities. The feasibility analysis of each development location is responsive to the surrounding future context. The study required the assembly of a wide range of inputs into a coherent picture of possible development and the production of legible and descriptive outcomes on very tight timescales.

  • Architecture
  • Masterplanning
  • Urban Design

Department of Planning and Community Development (now DELWP)