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Studio Nine Richmond, Melbourne

The 3-hectare premises of Melbourne’s historic GTV 9 are being redeveloped into a thriving residential community with an emphasis on a high quality public realm.

The creation of social networks through public spaces underpins Hayball’s masterplan, which also addressed the adaptation and re-use of existing heritage buildings. Permeability and connectivity through the site and with the broader neighbourhood are significant drivers of the urban design response. New open and flexible community spaces connect the buildings, with a pedestrian-only laneway leading from a surrounding street into a public square.

Of predominantly medium to high density, the project is delivering four precincts with a mix of dwellings and community facilities to meet the needs of a diverse population, including affordable and adaptable housing. The Hayball-designed Northern Precinct was completed in 2014. Hayball is now investigating the use of innovative construction methodologies, and designing the interiors, for Central Precinct. Both are designed to 5-Star Green Star standards.

  • Architecture
  • Interior Design
  • Urban Design
Project Status

Masterplan completed 2013; Northern Precinct completed 2014; Central Precinct current