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Yorkshire Brewery Apartments Collingwood, Melbourne

A contemporary neighbourhood-oriented development anchored by the sensitive restoration and adaptive re-use of a heritage listed former brewery. Emphasis is on exceptional design quality, residential amenity and public open space.

Apartments, ‘brew tower loft’ apartments and townhouses are integrated through multiple new and heritage listed buildings. By reducing site coverage and providing higher built form away from the heritage fabric, the vibrant precinct accommodates ground-level retail at the base of the historic brew tower in a landscaped piazza, Yorkshire Square. Existing surrounding laneways lead into the square where a cafe, wine bar and deli are open to the public. Fusing luxurious living spaces with the site’s historic fabric, the mix of uses fosters social connections and enriches the emerging cool character of the neighbourhood.

A video captures the spirit of those involved in returning the Brewery to its former glory, paying homage to the site’s most prominent feature, the Brew Tower. (Permission by SMA Projects Australia.)

  • Architecture
  • Interior Design
  • Urban Design
Project Status

Completed 2015


SMA Projects Australia