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Alfred Innovation and Education Hub Melbourne, VIC

The “Betty and John Laidlaw AO” Alfred Innovation and Education Hub is a unique space that drives sustainable innovation and facilitates best practice learning. The new facility enables Alfred Health to continue its leadership in medical education and healthcare delivery and improve the outcomes for patients and their families.

The existing Library and Education spaces at Alfred Health have been transformed into a highly collaborative contemporary innovation and education hub. Greater collaboration and innovation is achieved through the improved linkage with the Alfred Health campus and the creation of a range of dedicated spaces that facilitate a cultural shift in how staff and students share learnings and test ideas.

The project encourages and allows the cross-pollination of information between Alfred Health education & operational management staff, and the Alfred Research Alliance, as well as providing dedicated collaboration spaces for educators, students and patients. Key social infrastructure including a café and public gathering spaces enhances the facilities and act as vital linkages between them.

  • Architecture
  • Interior Design
Project Status

Completed 2020


Alfred Health