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Kensington Assemble Housing Kensington, VIC

The vision for Kensington Assemble Housing is to establish a new precedent for multi-residential accommodation within the Arden- Macaulay urban renewal precinct. The project seeks to meet the needs of the local community through the provision of affordable, comfortable, low running cost and low environmental impact housing. Setting a new benchmark for quality community focused accommodation, bringing together commercial and community uses with residential life.

Kensington Assemble Housing is designed to prioritise community and where quality design and sustainability go hand in hand. The building form appears as ‘community clusters’ delivered across two conjoined buildings to accommodate an interconnected living program. Wrapped in fluted textured pre-cast concrete façade, the built form celebrates the neighbourhood’s industrial past. Intricate brickwork, vertical steelwork and tactile materials create layers of textural detail to express the suburb’s rich history.

The outcome is driven by fundamental principles including an emphasis on internal amenity, privacy, light and air access, cross-ventilation to apartments, landscaped green spaces and with direct engagement between public and private space. Delivered under the Assemble Model, Kensington Assemble Housing is an affordable addition to apartment offerings in Melbourne while responding to the surrounding existing and future context.

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