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Nightingale Housing scales up to Nightingale Village

15 December 2017

Authored by Hayball

We’re no longer happy with changing our cities one building at a time – we want to do more.

Which is why Hayball is VERY EXCITED to be one of seven architects which have banded together to buy an entire street in Melbourne’s Brunswick for the next Nightingale Housing project – Nightingale Village. It’s a future precinct for people, built by seven of Australia’s leading architects using the social, environmental and financial sustainability principles of the Nightingale model.

There’s never been anything else like it before.

The Nightingale model is based on the principles of affordable, sustainable and high-quality urban housing. Director Luc Baldi said the project feeds directly into Hayball’s passion for creating outstanding places and shaping sustainable communities.

“Hayball’s work is fuelled by a curiosity to explore new models of housing that are high in architectural and urban quality, and respond to social, environmental and market needs. We thrive on making homes that people love for the things that matter to them, which is our vision for this project,”  he said. “And taking a precinct approach will allow us to be innovative in our approach to energy, transport etc.”

The precinct development will be highly collaborative, with each of the architects engaging in peer review with each other to make sure we’re getting the best results for the buildings, and ultimately the people who will live here. Key drivers of the precinct masterplan are to create community and environmental sustainability across the entire street.

The seven architects:

Architecture Architecture
Austin Maynard Architects
Breathe Architecture
Clare Cousins Architects
Kennedy Nolan
WOWOWA Architecture     

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Image: Detail of Nightingale 1, photo by Kate Longley, courtesy Nightingale Housing